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Cell Injury Causes

  • Although disease processes are multifarious, the basic categories of insult which can precipitate the mechanisms discussed in Cell Injury Biochemistry are few. We list these causes below and discuss several in greater detail in their own pages.
Basic Categories
  • Metabolic Cell Injury: Insults due to Hypoxia or Ischemia
  • Chemical Cell Injury: Insults due to endogenous or exogenous chemicals
  • Free Radical Cell Injury: Insults due to Free Radicals generated by Reactive Oxygen Species
  • Immune Cell Injury: Insults due to the immune system. Roughly covered in Immune Pathology
  • Infectious Cell Injury: Microbial insult can occur via direct release of cellular toxins or intracellular infection
  • Genetic Cell Injury: These refer to insults due to hereditary defects in key cellular proteins. Some are discussed in Genetic Pathology (Section in Progress)
  • Physical Cell Injury: Covered in more detail in Environmental Pathology (Section in progress)